From Nowhere, from Within


Gandhari, choreographed by Gitanjali Kolanad, featuring Brandy Leary.

This is an article commissioned by Indo-Canadian bharatanatyam artist Gitanjali Kolanad for the New Delhi-based magazine Seminar. The article examines three choreographies based in Indian dance or martial arts forms: Lata Pada’s Revealed by Fire (2001), created for her company Sampradaya Dance Creations; Natasha Bakht’s self-solo one-two-three-four-five (2014); and finally Kolanad’s solo, Gandhari (2015), created for Brandy Leary. Each choreography is an intense experience of its own, emerging from encounters between the personal and the mythic.  This is one of those pieces of writing which I felt wrote itself, through the insights offered in extraordinarily lucid and unflinching interviews by Bakht, Leary and Pada.

From Nowhere, from Within

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