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antarctica coverPoems for the Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names (Goose Lane Editions, 2009).

How does naming express our relationship with each other and the natural world? This collection is a poetic treatise on the semantics of naming and gesture; how they can express possession and power over another, or kinship, inquisitiveness, openness, mercy, and love. Travelling from the Indian Ocean, to the tip of South America, to the Antarctic and back, the poems move with a lightness of being in the floating world of incisive language. Nominated for the Gerald Lampert Award.

“Peerbaye’s sensibility is environmentally elegaic, seeing an aching beauty in things not-quite-yet-lost.” – Sonnet L’Abbé, The Globe & Mail.

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red-silk-smRed Silk: An Anthology of South Asian Women Poets (Mansfield Press, 2004).

Edited by Rishma Dunlop and Priscila Uppal, this collection features poetry by Hiro Boga, Kuldip Gill, Sonnet L’Abbé, Danielle Lagah, Soraya Peerbaye, Sharanpal Ruprai, Sandeep Sanghera, Shauna Singh Baldwin, Proma Tagore, and the editors.

“These poems enact how an ordinary household object, a word, a smell, a gesture, can all trigger a cascade of memories and responses soaked in cultural significance, and mark one as South Asian.” – Arun Mukherjee.

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