Reviews & Interviews

Painful Sympathies

Review by Sonnet L’Abbé for The Walrus.

“…Tell is not an inquiry into guilt or a quest to lay blame…but a forensics of emotion, a tracing of lines of evasion, of euphemism, of cruelties and humiliations mapped on actual bodies. Tell looks at the brutalities that took place on the shore of the Gorge Waterway with concern, tenderness, and, most importantly, an implied identification with Virk. [Peerbaye’s] tone is as tender as an attempt to undress a wound…”


Books offer gospel talk, victim’s voice

Review by George Elliott Clarke for The Chronicle Herald.

Tell is a powerful addition to the canon of Canadian true crime poetry texts.”


Tell, an interview with Soraya Peerbaye

Interview with Julia Horel on Jules’ Tools for Social Change.


In the Spotlight: Soraya Peerbaye

An early draft of one of the poems from Tell featured on Sarah Selecky’s In the Spotlight series.